Voluntary work for men

Here we clean up with clichés... 

And encourage men to come as Volunteers to Uganda


If you are reading this, you are on the right spot!

I would like to change an impression that you might have got and, there is something you should know: The time at Vision for Africa is not only something for women. And no, you will not play with small kids the whole day or change diapers.







The work with children is definitely prior, as it is all about an orphanage which simply consists of children. But let me tell you, that you can and will also have other tasks and jobs to do, once you agree on spending time here in Uganda.


No doubt, that your manhood is not going to be in danger, because neither will you spend your whole day with crying kids nor will you have to change diapers or even cook for them or yourself. It is not a “women's thing” or “girls' stuff” because even you will get to your limits (if you allow it) and get experiences in a whole range of different areas and all this in a developing country where many things are totally differently done (many times quite improvised) than where you are coming from.


​It is awesome to do smaller or bigger building projects and to keep yourself busy planing, sketching, sawing, sanding, drilling, digging and many other activities.


Hast Du schon einmal mit einer Machete einen Baum gefällt oder bist damit durch den Dschungel gelaufen um Lianen aus dem Weg zu hacken und hast Dich gefühlt wie Indiana Jones? - Nein? Kein Problem, die Gelegenheit bietet sich hier.

Have you ever cut a tree with a machete (“Panga”) or ran with it through a jungle to remove vines and felt like Indiana Jones? - No? No Problem, you have the opportunity here.


The work on the different farms with the Ugandans is tiresome and makes you sweat but at the same time it is a lot of fun! You can drive with a small truck through the bush and undergrowth and through some jungle-like parts and anyway you will enjoy the challenge that here everything is the other way around: the steering is on the right side, you are driving on the left roadside and have to force yourself through the crazy motorcycle- (Boda Boda) and taxi drivers.


Maybe you are also (additionally) the musical type? Then you can use your God-given talent in a worship band and also serve God under the leadership of an awesome worship leader in that field. And believe me when I tell you, that still many Ugandans are really gifted in music and one can learn a whole lot from them.


Have you already thought about which attributes are important to you as a man of God? What do you think about responsibility, reliability, exemplary status, joy, humility, different abilities of performance, and yet being obedient to leaders and authorities?!


I am telling you, these things and many more you will learn here with God's help and even improve them.


The children here are not all very young but some of them are in the age from 8-13 years. Especially the boys need good male examples and attachment figures who can talk with them about important topics, scuffle with them around, play football and also teach them a lesson and rebuke them at times. You will get here once in a while into the role of the big brother or even come in like the father.


Then there is also the african main kitchen, which is pure men's work because only a “cooking spoon” is as big as a boat oar and weighs even more than that one. Also in the dusty mill or on the fish farm you can dirty up your fingers and toughen your sense of smell.


​So once again, shortly, to change your impression:

No, it is not boring here for men and you will definitely reach your physical limits or even go beyond them. You will aquire many useful skills and improve them, and God leads you always into new challenges which will shape you as child and man of God.


Last but not least you will find some exemplary pictures here, to get a better idea.


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