Vocational school:

Beauty School &

Beauty Salon 




The Beauty Salon practice started in 2011 at a small scale operation by Brenda and near the children homes. In the late 2012 we developed the idea of expanding the project as well as starting the school practice. The salon and a training room were constructed and ready by January 2013 at the African Village Hotel premises near the swimming pool.



The beauty school and salon operate in two sectors and these include the hair dressing sector and the beauty therapy sector. The staff in the salon is also giving lessons to the students.

Our students are trained in both, beauty therapy and hair dressing. In this case our students are able to handle continental clients in all sectors. They major in one sector and do national exams in the first year.

At the end of year one, our students have the basic practical and theoretical skills in the beauty industry concerning the above services though more practical experience is gained at the end of year two.

Above all our students are trained to be self employed and best employees in the industry because an additional business subject is added on their training. The beauty skills in the country and world wide are on a high demand and there fore we have adopted it as a solution to the under employment problem among the youths in Uganda today.

The first year is a certificate level while the second year is a diploma level.

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