Current donation references & projects





We will of course also be grateful for general donations, not bound to any specific payment reference, which we can use for where we need it most at the moment. In this case you can make your donation with the reference "PR 500". 

On behalf of Vision for Africa, especially of the children and people in Uganda a big THANK YOU! 


May God richly bless you! 

What are our current projects you can donate for? Here you can find an overview for which projects we need donations in financial support at the moment and constantly.


The following names can directly be used as the "Payment reference" when transferring your donation:

  • Uncovered expenses for sponsorships  "PR 3"

  • Water supply and sewage defecator "PR 4"

  • Water supply in Karamoja "PR 5"

  • Provision for old people in Karamoja "PR 7"

  • Prison ministry in Kampala "PR 20"

  • Medical requirements and medical help "PR 28"

  • Secondary School for 2.000 pupils "PR 33"

  • Prayer Mountain, Mt. Galiliee, Kikondo "PR 65"

  • Donations for free purpose "PR 500"


  • Please give for all other donations clear keywords as payment references, such as e.g. "Maternity clinic Karamoja", "Vocational schools Kiyunga", "Primary School Kikondo", "Mt. Galilee", "Vehicles", "Infrastructure" etc.