Vocational school:

Electrical Installation and Regulation 




This course approaches topics like studies of workshops, electrics, and legal requirements in the theoretical part of studies. The two-years course prepares the students well for the examination of the Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB).

By the end of the first year in vocational school they will have to sit a year exam, which successful passing is a requirement for the second year. When passing the final exam, the students get their "Craft – Part One" Certificate and they have the following training opportunities:

  • "Craft – Part Two" Certificate (B course) – 2 years

  • Craft certificate part III in a one-year course

  • Vocational training school teacher

  • Electrical engineer in a two-years course

  • Higher diploma (peculiarity in Commonwealth countries, comparable to a BA) in Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering focusing on telecommunication

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering

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