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 concerning entry 

Please read through carefully!




The passport has to be valid until 6 months after the last day of your journey.

You should handle your passport and your vaccination certificate like cash. It is good when you make copies of all important papers and documents and store them separately from the original copies. If you loose the original papers, these copies are very helpful.


Germans: the German children ID is only accepted, when the photograph is fixed by a Photo Embossing and Perforating Tool; an own passport is best.

Austria: Children who are 12 years and younger can have an entry in their guardian´s passport. Older children required their own passport.

Switzerland: each child requires its own passport.

Other countries: Please check entry requirements for children

Hint: An agreement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO, says, that until the end of the year 2010 the citizens of all states must enter with a machine-readable passport.



The visa application process was digitalized on August 1st 2016, you have to apply for it before you travel. Find the link to the online-application below. The fee of 50 US$ has to be paid at the airport when entering the country.

Online visa application

Visa application fill-in guide

For the Visa, the following is necessary:

  • Valid passport (until 6 months after departure of travel)

  • 50 US$ (you have to pay the exact amount and keep the money in your hand luggage)
    Please make sure your Dollar notes are dated 2006 or later and no small notes.


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