Planned Projects

Way forward 2018-2020



In Vision for Africa we always have projects that are not yet carried out into practice, yet they are already planned. This is because God puts new projects and plans piece by piece and bit by bit on Maria Prean's and the team's heart.  

For these projects we are also very thankful to be supported with donations in advance so that the building process can be started sooner than later. Of course we do also need a lot of prayer for all these plans to be realized! Also for this kind of support we are very grateful.

A few of these 'planned projects' were maybe already mentioned or talked about at one or the other occasion with Mama Maria Prean or through other channels, yet others were not. This is why on this page we would like to introduce and present all our planned projects for the coming years.



  • Secondary school in Nakifuma (High School for 2000 students in total, starting with 500-600 students, A&O Levels with an agricultural professional education) --> BUILDING PROCESS 2017–2020


  • Agricultural project in Karamoja (forests shall be planted and the Israeli water-drip-system shall be installed, for making the soil watery and fruitful. Thereafter following, planting agricultural fields with various crops and vegetables for trainings in agriculture) 

  • Extending the Vocational schools in Kiyunga (with four classrooms for diploma students) 

  • "Senager Village" in Karamoja (Build a village of round-huts for old people that have no siblings, for the blind and lame, with a common meeting room, toilets and showers, askari house, a house for a nurse, fencing and also a borehole.) --> ALMOST FINISHED

  • More classrooms for the Primary School in Kikondo --> BUILDING STARTED AUGUST 2018

  • Self-contained units for long-term-visitors --> 3rd BUILDING STARTED IN AUGUST 2018



  • Build a medium size medical center with a  good maternity ward, laboratory and small pharmacy

  • Build and start a primary school for 700 children with dormitories and teacher’s quarters, showers and toilets

  • Develop an intensive agricultural program that involves many of the people in Rupa and surroundings

  • Create a football field

  • Utilize the water sources that are already flowing down from the mountains and collect as much of the rainwater that is possible and bring the water to the dry areas

  • Bring the GOOD NEWS into every home and train people in the Word of God, so that the transformation will move very fast

  • We also want to train the people in hygiene and other important issues of life


  • Finishing the football field for the Primary school, and extension of more classrooms and teacher quarters for the Mt. Galilee Primary school

  • Have 50 more self-contained rooms for LRR seminars and other activities.



  • Build new dormitories for 150 boys, that will enable us to introduce 2 streams in every department of the Vocational Training School.

  • Enlarge the Hotel with 50 single rooms, 5 honeymoon suites, 15 double rooms and 2-3 conference rooms.

  • Build a school with dormitory for the students in orthopaedic training. (Will be sponsored by friends from Europe)

  • Build simple single rooms for retired African people from our ministry along the walls of our animal farm and give these dear retired people also an opportunity to raise chicken, rabbits and ducks.

  • ​Expand our vision choir activities in Europa and also in Africa

  • Enlarge our Come & See Programs and also create interesting tours in Uganda for those that come repeatedly.

  • Re-locate our Jehovah Rapha Clinic close to the area where the workshop for artificial limbs has been started. This new clinic should be well equipped with an operating theatre, x-ray room, pharmacy and also additional rooms for various services as well as housing for  clinic staff quarters.

  • We are also praying for enough land to add to VfA so that we can grow our own food and save a lot of money by doing so!!!


  • Land for agriculture at the Emmanuel Center in Kikondo


  • Accomodations for students of the School for the blind in Kikondo (space for about 60 students)