Future plans







Installation of a donated gespendeten X-Ray machine for the clinic in the 'Land of Hope' as soon as the medical imaging, the restauration and other equipments for approx. 25.000 Euro can be financed.


Extending of the laboratory possibilities for the assassination of more laboratory measures like: other metabolic diseases, liver- and kidney data (hepatonephric measures), further bacteriological checkups.


The investment costs for machines would be approx. 15.000 Euro.


Extending to add a surgical area with a  Einheit durch eine anesthesia- and ventilation facilities, operating table and lighting in the clinic in 'Land of Hope'.


Setting up of a labor room in the clinic in Tongolo, equipping with surgical instruments; 


Costs in total approx. 150.000 Euro.


Extending the own power supply for the  whole ministry in 'Land of Hope', because the power cut rate is high of the public electricity grid and so the clinic is often extremely limited for many hours. 


In the clinic on the Prayer Mountain in Tongolo there is no power supply at all.

Options: Solar power and bridging of power shortage through generators. 




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