• Stefanie Alpiger, Volunteers leader

Circus project "CIRCUS ABAANA 2015"

In the last 7 weeks of holiday time, the volunteers from Land of Hope, buil

Among other things the children make animal costumes and masks, make their own beanbags out of balloons, collected materials for the magician tricks and tested them, have printed invitation cards with stamps made of Irish potatoes and painted the posters.

It was necessary to think about, how the arena should look like and where is the best seating area for the audience. Afterwards the several artistic groups were formed and the children choose what they want to perform later.

After some more weeks of practising, trying, rejecting things that do not work and at last choosing the best performance for the arena, were done.

At the big day, there was a chaotic dress rehearsal, but somebody who knows a bit of these artistic things will see, that after a terrible last rehearsal there comes a magnificent premiere.

Some of the older girls had baken waffles and cakes. Mats and some chairs were placed, the arena had been arranged, power for the PA was installed, the children had been dressed and became rouged. And now the call was „Step right up!“ for the "CIRCUS ABAANA 2015".

As expected, the performance was a great success and a big fun for both, the artists and the audience.

We could enjoy acrobats, clowns, wild animals, dancers, jugglers, drummers and magicians. Children of every age have done third part as best as they could. There was a lot of applause for all participants. At the end, the children enjoyed home made cakes and sodas as a sweet conclusion.


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