• Teodora Naidenova, H/R manager

Community Project 2014

What a joy! – The first community class has successfully finished a year of practical training in tailoring and fashion design.

How everything started?!

Many women suffer poverty in Uganda due to the fact that they have never been to school and have never learnt a profession. Additionally to the illiteracy, women marry at a young age and give birth to several children. In many cases the women struggle to raise the children on their own as man abandon them...

We started the project of community training to offer women the opportunity to learn a skill and be able to start a small business, which will enable them to support and raise their children.

The women learn to cut garments and to sew clothes. The lessons are taught in Luganda, the local language of this area, as many do not speak English.

The first class started in February 2014 and was successfully accomplished by the end of November 2014.

One young boy who never had the chance to go to school was part of the women group and among the best graduates. I believe he has the potential to be a great fashion designer.

Each one of the graduates would need a sewing machine in order to continue exercising their newly learned skill and be able to start a small business.

One second-hand machine costs about 500.000 UGX (150 -160 Euro). In case that you would like to support one of these ladies with a sewing machine please feel free to make a donation using one of our accounts! (Reference: "Community Project").

We are looking forward to the new intake of 2015.

God bless you.


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