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Bull Barbecue

In last years end-of-year "Music, Dance and Drama" festival, House Faith came up as the winning team among the 4 participating houses and won the great award - a bull.​

Since the children cannot really do much with a bull in their primary school, we did the obvious and roasted the bull in a feast to start the new year! In this way, every child of the winning team could enjoy his share of the prize, and not only the winners but also all other children and visitors could leave the place satisfied. This way everyone (maybe except the bull...)could enjoy the reward of the long and exhausting training and the following superb performances of the "Music, Dance and Drama" festival at the end of the school-year 2014.

Later we had a farewell-gathering for our headmaster. He will leave us in order to lead a school in his home-area, Gulu, in the north of Uganda. He already trained his successor who os even one of our own teachers.

Thank you, Benjamin, for your great service our children and us in the past years!


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