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Music school

With great joy and thankfulness we inform you that we started building the new music school at the "Land of Hope" in Kiyunga. We already started and the first floor is nearly finished.​

Music school

Project: Starting a music school

Start: March 2015

Completion: End of 2015




Music school proofing project (finishing report & updates)

This project was successfully finished on the 7th of August 2016.

The rooms worked on are:

  • Black room for western dances

  • Recording studio

  • African dance studio

  • Vocals & string instrument studios

  • Big theory room

  • Small drum room (percussion drums)

+++ We do expect a small recording system from Germany, it is already in the container but later on we hope to get a big system as God provides.

+++ We are thankful to our Italian friends with their big donation of pianos which are now positioned in different rooms in the music school.

+++ We are now finished on the teaching material pilling since the school has no reference on teaching material towards the African music we tend to concentrate most on. We have to make it from zero. But God is with us even you all.

Thank you for your contineous support for the dreams are becoming real.

Soon we will start the admission and we will begin with our immediate people like our vocational students, primary school and the staff members.

Always grateful,

Patrick Bruni and the Vision for Africa Music school team



Music School Update:

The team is still busy working on the inside of the school: soundproofing of the rooms, decoration and completing the studio. Very soon the work shall be completed, some remaining furniture can be acquired and music lessons are scheduled to start beginning of August.

Damaris Bruni, Public Relations



First music room sound-proofed

Our KING'S GLORY Music school is already finished from the outside, the building is there looking great – now also with Logo and name on the outside wall, but yet the "inside" has still a lot of works to be done. With four music rooms and two dancing rooms, one music recording studio, one room for music theory lessons, one teacher's room, a kitchen and a room for the music instruments, there is not yet the end to see, but step by step it is moving forward and the progress is doing great!

But now we reached the first goal inside: the first music room, which is destined to be the drumming room, is finished! It got isolated with five different layers, so that it is completely sound-proofed now, so that no sound can disturb the other music- and dancing rooms in any way. And of course already the first room of the music school is quite chic – however it is the KING'S GLORY Music school, built for the glory of the King of Kings! It shall be a role model building for all (music-) schools in the nation.

Another three rooms will be sound-proofed in the same way: the dancing hall for african traditional dances, the music recording studio, and the dancing hall for western and classical dances. Right now, the hard-working team is busy working on the second sound-proofing isolation – the dancing hall for the african dances. One thing we know: This music school will be brimmed over with life, sounds, dances and vibes as its' best!

Damaris Bruni, Public Relations


Beloved of the Lord,

with great joy and thankfulness we inform you that we started building the new music school at the "Land of Hope" in Kiyunga. We already started and the first floor is nearly finished.

We are so thankful to all sponsors for their standing, walking and being faithful with us. Your giving strengthened our faith totally. For us it is a miracle that the Lord pays for all the projects he is giving us and the he finishes the good work he has started.

The music school will be unique in Uganda.

We have the impression from the Lord that the cultural possessions of the different Ugandan tribes, which glorify the King by dancing and music should be brought together. And this should be shared to our young and very musical people. Uganda has a rich heritage of music, dance, rhythm and lyric.

My son Patrick who prepared and led all Vision Choirs for Europe, has it on his heart to lead this school and I have a "YES" in my heart for this. We want to have time to prepare the education plan, the teachers and to listen to the Lord to receive the specific plans for this wonderful music school.

Soon we are going to furnish our own studio in this school. And we have the best believing producer who is sooo happy to work with us.

If someone has it on his heart so support this studio with its expensive equipment, we are really thankful. Currently we are estimating the cost. We want to order some parts from Europe and combine them with some fitting amendments from Uganda.

We will release further information as soon as possible.

With great joy and thankfulness we greet you from Uganda where it is a bit rainy at the moment (but the shower from heaven is always welcome!).

Your Maria with family and the whole team




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