• Diana Egessa (Children ministry) and the

S4 & S6 Conference

The annual S4 & S6 conference was a success. 299 students reported for the conference.

We noticed a lot of "Christianize" among the students and wanted us to think that they are all Christians. All the same the Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared clearly to them through the pulpit and we encouraged the counselors to again share the gospel during the one-on-one sessions with the campers.

We had 13 groups for boys and 13 groups for girls with a counselor each. Our conference counselors came from the 2015 Leadership and Discipleship Training, some 2014 leaders that were trained (first year university students) and volunteers from Word of Life Fellowship Uganda. At the end of it all we had 41 salvations, 1 assurance of salvation, 59 dedications and 14 baptisms. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

We followed the same theme that we had in the Primary 7 conference, "The King is Coming, You Could Miss Him".

Mr. Daivd Tubirye was the Bible teacher and used Matthew 25 with 1 Peter 1-2 as the parallel scripture and quiet time passages were drawn from 1 Peter. The students were highly challenged to chick out all filth and double standards and choose to fully live for Christ alone. It was breathtaking to see young people boldly stand as a sign of saying, "I am done with all this filth and mediocrity, I choose to let it go and live for Christ alone".

Our prayer still remains that God will nurture them wherever they are now that they will find a Bible teaching and believing church to join and that they will not turn back but daily follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Please also join us in prayer for a sustainable follow up plan so that we are able to disciple the children God has entrusted in our care.

Although we were tired from the Primary 7 conference, God graciously gave us an extra dose of strength to be of service to the campers. I believe they hardly noticed that we were running low on strength. :-)

We appreciate the support of the Administration, Main Kitchen, Matrons and Wardens, IT staff with sound and taking pictures, Hotel, Security, Clinic, Primary school, Maintenance and the entire ministry. Exceptional thanks go to the clinic, Lukas and Francis, Robert Mukungu, Mr. Jackson (main Kitchen), Word of Life Fellowship Uganda, all counselors and the entire program team.

Thank you for your selfless service during the two conference weeks!


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