• Stefanie Alpiger, Volunteers leader

Artists in "House Abaana"

Since some times we, the members of the volunteers department, are thinking about an inside renovation of the House Abaana. After years of intensive using, it was more than necessary. The outcome at the end is much more than ever expected.

At first, we did a clean coat of paint on top of the old one. That could have been enough until the next time of painting. But for avoiding to become soiled fast, we thought about painting a darker base. Thereby it is a little nice for the children we thought, it will not be bad to do a green jungle.

And now, our artists come into play. They search the right motives, they ordered paint and brushes and get started. And somehow artists are a bit like hairdressers (which are also artists, aren't they?), ...if you let them out...!

The fruits you can marvel at the the pictures.

A big thank you goes to the administration, that had allowed to buy the paint.

A very special thank you goes to the three main responsible volunteers: Valerie Zöllner, Julian (Tschulian) Siller and Alexandra Krauser.

We also say thank you to all the nameless helpers, that were needed to fulfil the work.

Our biggest thank you goes to our Lord Jesus Christ, for gifting us with several wonderful talents, for which we are allowed to use them for his glory.


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