• Michael Bleiker, Volontär Fischfarm

Fresh fish for Vision for Africa

A dream became true. In August 2015 a highly motivated team from FTN-AquaArt Switzerland led by Lukas Schneeberger installed a fishfarm system for us. Supported with a team of Ugandans we could prepare the shelter, the sixteen 1000-litre containers as well as power and water installations right in time. Even the materials brought on plane did not get stuck in customs.

After a week of setting up the system, the Ugandan department for aquacultures delivered about 2,000 fish. Since then, a group of 3 Ugandans and a Swiss volunteer started becoming experts in fishfarming.

Have you ever tried catching 50 Tilapia out of a 1,000 litre tank with 1,000 fish using a landing net? It requires a lot of practice and some tricks!

Or what do you do when power goes off and the backup batteries are about to get empty? Hmmm… and what happens when during night the bacteria in the water filter start their work, causing the values to raise 10-fold?

These are some of the new challenges that we love. With God's help we move forward step by step, inch by inch... until the first fish reach the size to make a good meal.

Buon Appetit! :-)

Project flyer of FTN-Aquaart

Website of FTN-Aquaart


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