• Andrew Itaga, Head of the Media design college

Printery planning photography lessons

Vision for Africa Intl. has a college which consists of the Hotel Management and Media Designing and Printing Technology Department.

The Media Designing and Printing Technology department has a total of 9 students (5 boys and 4 girls), all are orphans who are being given skills of Graphic Designing and Printing, by 2 lecturers who were also once students from the same department. The founder of this college is Mr. Horst Kukuk, a Print engineer from Germany.

This department offers a 2 year diploma and since the last 8 years, 4 classes have already graduated from this department.Another skill that we would like to add to these courses is the skill of Photography. With this skill, they can learn to make their own professional photos and add them to layouts like Newsletters, brochure, books, posters, websites and so much more.

The required equipment for this course can’t be afforded by the students, that’s why your help is needed and welcomed. Below is a list of items we are looking for - if you happen to have any of these available and no longer need them, please contact us! We will be glad to give them a "second life" in our Media Design class.

Required equipment for the photography lessons:
  • DSLR Cameras: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Sigma, Samsung etc.

  • Stands: Monopod Stands and Tripod Stands

  • Extra Lenses: Tele Photo Lenses, Standard Lenses, Wide Angle Lenses, Zoom Lenses, Macro Lenses, Standard Lenses etc.

  • Lens Accessories: Lens Caps, Lens Filters etc.

  • Memory cards and card readers: Compact Flash Cards, SD/SDHC, P2 Cards, Micro SD

  • USB Cables (especially mini and micro types)

  • Camera Mounted Flashes and Flash Accessories (Reflectors)

  • Wireless Transmitters

  • Shutter Release

  • Wireless Remotes

  • Batteries and Battery Chargers

  • Camera Bags and Cases

  • Camera Belts and Harnesses

  • Photography Software: Capture One, Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix, Picturenaut, Aurora HDR, Easy HDR etc.)


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