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Mediadesign class - Help us, we are too slow!

How thankful we are that we do not have to say that about our students and teachers. No, it is about our computers.

Since 2007 we are the only institute in Uganda that offers a 2-years course in printing technology with a diploma degree. We do not take more than 10 students per class, because the quality of education matters most to us.

Part of the studies is the layouting of 4-coloured broshures and flyers. Therefor the daily need is to work with editing texts and pictures. This happened up to the last year with the already outdated software of Adobe CS 3 with the programmes InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

But because we also want to offer our students the chance to benefit of the progress of the latest software, we changed our system last year to the new version CS 6.

Unfortunately these many new settings and possibilities also need much more capacity within the computers. At the moment we are still equipped with computers of the year 2010 with Core 2 duo processors and only 2 GB working space capacity, so we often find our students waiting for their slow computers...

As you already helped us once with the equipment for the computer rooms for the vocational school, we dare to once again ask you for help. For the end of the term in June we want to buy new computers with 4GB RAM, i7 4790 3.6GHz CPU.

For the reason of enabling easier installation to the students with the same requirements, we would like to buy 12 same computers here in Uganda. The costs for that project are about 12.000 Euro. Our students will be gladly rejoicing when working with them!

We would be very thankful for your donations for this project! (As intended purpose note: New computers printery)

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