• Damaris Bruni, Public Relations

Musicschool: first music room sound-proofed

Our KING'S GLORY Music school is already finished from the outside, the building is there looking great – now also with Logo and name on the outside wall, but yet the "inside" has still a lot of works to be done.

With four music rooms and two dancing rooms, one music recording studio, one room for music theory lessons, one teacher's room, a kitchen and a room for the music instruments, there is not yet the end to see, but step by step it is moving forward and the progress is doing great!

But now we reached the first goal inside: the first music room, which is destined to be the drumming room, is finished! It got isolated with five different layers, so that it is completely sound-proofed now, so that no sound can disturb the other music- and dancing rooms in any way. And of course already the first room of the music school is quite chic – however it is the KING'S GLORY Music school, built for the glory of the King of Kings! It shall be a role model building for all (music-) schools in the nation.

Another three rooms will be sound-proofed in the same way: the dancing hall for african traditional dances, the music recording studio, and the dancing hall for western and classical dances. Right now, the hard-working team is busy working on the second sound-proofing isolation – the dancing hall for the african dances. One thing we know: This music school will be brimmed over with life, sounds, dances and vibes as its' best!


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