• Damaris Bruni, Public Relations

Kindergarten gets extended

Project: Adding 2 classrooms to the Kindergarten

Start: January 2016

Completion: April 2016



Fifty per cent of the population in Uganda is under 15 years; and this is also what we realize in our schools and nursery schools. ​

It is not uncommon for classrooms to have 40 or more students and one teacher. We however, are focusing on quality education. Children are learning through playing games and through problem solving. We would love to give a place to more children than we do, because the applicants are many and need is really strong. So we are thankful to now be able to build an extension of our Nursery School!

At the moment we have two Baby classes (3-4 years old), two Middle classes (4-5-years old) and two Top classes (5-6 years old). Two new kindergarten rooms are currently being built, and two new teachers were hired to accommodate our goals for a healthy teacher to student ratio. One class is meeting in the staff-room and one class is meeting in the small library until the classrooms are ready. Our builders are really hard-working, so the extension of two rooms will soon be finished.

We are happy to have so much children's laughter and life in our 'Land of Hope' and we are grateful that they will now get even more space to unfold while being prepared for Primary school in a playful and enjoyable way.


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