• Lukas I.M. Vana, IT-Admin

Software donation from Softperfect

Even for our work Internet is important and indispensable in many ways. Unfortunately the connections in Uganda are currently still slower and way more expensive than what we are used to from Europe. ​

As the number of computers used in the various offices and classrooms is constantly increasing, we soon realised several problems: how can we share the little available bandwidth equally? How can we avoid that one persons download causes others to creep instead of surf the web?

The solution came (via Internet, too) from a software manufacturer from Brisbane, Australia. On the website of Softperfect we found the product "Bandwidth Manager" which can assure fair distribution of bandwidth through several rules.

Not only did we get an immediate answer to our questions but they even sent us a license for the program as a donation! Since on year we are now able to regulate internet traffic in a fair way and make bandwith available to each user even during heavy usage hours.

Since our license has just been renewed and extended for free again, I want to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Softperfect and also recommend their products! :-)

Website of Softperfect

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