• Damaris Bruni, Public Relations

Pianos and grand pianos for Music school arrived

On the 4th of May 2016 we celebrated the arrival of the container that delivered us our eagerly awaited great pianos and grand pianos. We were rejoicing when we saw that all 22 valuable instruments made it safely, because those long container travels on the big ships across the rough oceans make it exciting, especially with such high valuable goods on board.

How stunning they look! It still took us a while until we fully conceived what we just actually got as a great gift from God.

Certainly Mr. Herbert Fröhlich had to travel to Uganda again for the arrival of his pianos and grand pianos. Together with his wife Susanne the swiss man is the generous donator of the 2 instruments, and these days he himself is busy tuning all the pianos from the lowest to the highest tone, so that everything is perfectly prepared for the upcoming opening of the music school in June! The tuning still takes place in the containers. As soon as they are all tuned, the pianos and grand pianos will be taken to the place where they shall please and serve us with their sounds in a short while – directly into the new King's Glory Music School.

We give thanks and praise to our great God who once again richly blessed and delighted us and gave His enormous favor in all things.


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