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Vision for Africa Primary School End of year Music, Dance and Drama Festival

At the end of this academic year 2014, Vision for Africa Primary School held its first ever "End of Year Music, Dance and Drama Festival". This was on Thursday, December 11th 2014 in the grand Vision for Africa Community Hall.

The theme for the festival was "Free Uganda of Malaria and Child Abuse to Enhance Education for Sustainable Development". This at the same time was the National theme for this year.

This great idea was conceived by the teachers of the school after realizing that for the past couple of years the school has had Sports days and the area of Music, Dance and Drama had not been explored.

The main objective was to give chance to the child to explore their talent beyond class academics and in particular, Music, Dance and Drama.

This festival was competitive among the four existing houses, House Hope, House Joy, House Faith and House Love. Each of the houses ably trained for and participated in Western Set Piece (on theme), poem (on theme), speech (on theme), solo music (on theme), original composition (on theme), folk song, and folk dance.

From the desk of the three adjudicators, House Faith emerged the overall winner with 589 points, House Hope in the second position with 559 points, House Love in the third position with 556 points and House Joy taking the fourth position with 540 points.

The overall winning house won a bull, which they will roast in yet another grand celebration at the beginning of the coming term, next year.

The children who excelled in different areas like the best soloist, the best dancer, the best instrumentalist, the best solo musician and the best speaker were each recognised with certificates of merit.

We are looking forward to seeing the children realise their talents and building them for successful future.

Benjamin Andiku, Headmaster Primary School


A great day with amazing performances of our children! Poems telling us about how to avoid malaria infections, choir performances of real professional qualities, speeches where only by the size of the speaker one could tell that this is not a real MP (yet) but one of our children. And of course songs and dances from various areas of Uganda that brought the excitement in our fully packed Community hall to the peak.

Parents and guardians looking in admiration and pride to their children performing on stage, people joining in the dances and children trying to perform even better than the previous group since the whole day was planned as a competition between the four houses, too. The jurors had a tough job deciding which group should finally be declared winner and I'm glad I did not have to make this decision - to me all of them were just AMAZING! I was proud of all these children, as if they were my own!

Later was time to say good-bye as the children left to their homes for the christmas holiday. We will miss you until you come back! :-)

Lukas Vana, IT-Admin



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