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Words from Maria Prean after the death of her son Richard

Dear relatives, brothers and sisters and friends in Jesus Christ!

On 12th June we had a wonderful family celebration on the occasion of the 30th birthday of my twin sons, Richard and Patrick. It was one of the best days we had ever had. Complete reconciliation, love and peace flowed as well as great confidence in a fruitful future together.

Within the framework of our church we celebrated Communion as a family and honoured Richard and Patrick for the blessing that God has brought both into our family and into the kingdom of God through their lives. I think that these photos taken on the day speak for themselves.

3 days later on Wednesday, 15.6. we received the tragic news that Richard had had a serious car accident and that he probably had not survived.

The accident occurred in Masindi, almost 4 hours’ drive away. He was travelling with 4 other people to a court case where as a lawyer he wanted to represent friends of ours who had started some work in northern Uganda. He wanted to help these people to obtain the right papers for their land purchase. Everyone else in the car, which overturned several time, escaped with a few scratches. Richard very probably suffered a massive heart attack and lost control of the car. His head was completely smashed.

We as his family were sooo shocked, and now we have wept all the tears that we had and screamed out all the pain. We now feel empty and yet filled with a deep peace that God makes no mistakes. When I received the phone call that Richard really had been called into eternity and that the hospital doctors confirmed this, I had a vision of Richard’s smiling face and he said: "Mama, all is well!"

We are now sending you a few pictures of his farewell service in our Community Hall at Vision for Africa in Kiyunga, where at least 2,000 mainly young people took part. I had no idea how well-known Richard was here in Uganda and how many people he had “touched” who were now mourning him. But we all realized that his broken body was only the envelope. Richard is now in glory and we know that he is now experiencing what he always believed – that for those who love the Lord a glory awaits that no eye here on earth has ever seen, no ear ever heard nor has it entered into the heart of man.

On Thursday evening we drove with the coffin containing Richard’s mortal remains to the Prayer Mountain. We brought him into our sitting room, and his close family and best friends spent the whole night with us praising and worshipping the Lord. Patrick and his team praised the Lord for hours with us with their instruments, prayed and lifted our hearts to the Lord. The presence of God was so strong, and also Richard’s presence, that we believed he would step out of his coffin. Patrick opened the coffin, but Richard remained out of his earthly body. He is much better off where he is now than any of us.

On Friday we then carried him to his final earthly rest on the Prayer Mountain next to our house, accompanied by all his family, relatives and hundreds of friends.

The great man of God, Hieronymus, who lived from 331 to 420, said the following comforting words: "We should not mourn that we have lost the dead but be thankful that we have had them, for anyone who goes home to the Lord remains in God’s family and has gone before us."

And Jesus says to us in John 11:25: "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even if he dies."

And this word of encouragement and comfort was sent to us by friends and we believe and trust it.

"I will die, but my love to you will never die. I will love you down from heaven above,as I have loved you on the earth." (Hieronymus)

In recent weeks Richard had a very intense time of reconciliation with people he had hurt and on Sunday morning he knelt before the whole church and asked for forgiveness for all “missed targets”. He also asked me to take him with me in our new “calling” in the north of Uganda in Karamoja to bring the life of the kingdom of God to the poorest of the poor in Uganda. We had great plans – and these are to be fulfilled despite the fact that for us he was called home prematurely.

Some weeks ago the Lord called me to dig 1000 wells there, build schools and help the people – who are partly still nomadic – through water supplies to become good farmers. The soil there is good volcanic soil which is very fruitful. A dear brother from Israel wants to show the people in Karamoja how they can make the desert blossom.

We will call this project the "Richard and Angel Prean Project" we will bring the life of the kingdom of God to them and hang a picture of him with his radiant and confident smile in all rooms of the future schools and kindergartens.

If the Lord puts the desire in your heart (for the Lord loves cheerful givers) to support this project, then we will gratefully receive your donation on one of the accounts below and pray for a hundred-fold reward for you and your loved ones. For whatever we give to the poor we are lending to God and Abba is not tight-fisted, and apart from this he pays interest that no bank in the world can afford!

We will begin this project in Karamoja in August and already have a great number who want to come with us. The money for 25 wells and also headquarters is already available. We are now praying for the finances for the first kindergartens and primary schools. We shall move to the region in August with 3 architects (more than 500 km away) and make a start. The plans already exist.

We are also overwhelmed by the kind condolences from thousands of people worldwide and would like to say thank you here from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages and all words of comfort and encouragement. We are unfortunately not in a position to thank everyone personally. May the Lord satisfy all your needs according to his riches in glory and give you a big hug from us.

Let us live each day as if it were the last and plan as if we would never die. Then we have everything "covered"!

We greet you sincerely in the love of Jesus, embrace you in spirit and pray for you and all your loved ones, that the Lord will fulfil all your needs according to his riches in glory.

The Prean and Bruni families

No matter what you give, no matter what you take away, you are and remain my God, I know that you love me.​

Donation accounts for the "Richard & Angel Prean Project" in Karamoja

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