• Douglas Lubega

Children are a blessing – Welcome to our new twins!

Children are a gift and a blessing from God. I have often experienced the presence and power of God through the ministry of parenting children that come with a painful past which no one would wish to go through during their early childhood. We have witnessed God's love working through us in turning around the lives of these children in our homes for the glory and honor of his name. Am so thankful to God for his love which is the greatest of all.​

Recently two lovely twins in the age of nine years got our attention. They have been in a very negligent and vulnerable situation and we knew immediately something has to change, so we arranged for them to get a new home in Vision for Africa Intl.

Now they are already living in one of the children's homes in the family of House Mercy headed by Mama Agnes. It is wonderful to see how happy the twins are to stay with us here. You can realize how hurt they must have been as they are ever telling unfortunate stories of their past when they are being asked. They were hurt by what they used feel when seeing the unpleasant actions of their parents and I think they regret that.

Most children hate where they came from and feel sad about their background. Inside of them, they ask themselves a question like, why? I am definitely going to give them many hugs and much attention, that they may feel worthy and accepted which will help to rise their self-esteem.

All parents need to know that whatever they do, it will either have a positive or negative impact on the lives of their children.

Children are impacted through observation and spiritual emotional sensing. Not only what you do in their presence but also in their absentia because we are all spiritual beings and we connect or observe in the spiritual world. However, these twins will be great leaders in the future and loving individuals. We are very happy to have them here with us in our 'Land of Hope'! The greatest blessing is to see these kids blossom.


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