• Lukas I.M. Vana, IT-Admin

Project "IT-Administration" completed

Project: Constructing and equipping an IT-workshop and a second Computerlab

Start: Dezember 2015

Completion: March 2016



Already in May we started shifting to the new office and moving all equipment to the new building. Meanwhile we arranged everything well and settled down in the new surrounding. We are very happy and thankful for the space available for working, repairing and storing and the new possibilities!

Even the PC labs were moved resp. newly equipped and are already used by our students.

We again thank all donors who have contributed towards this project, even for the material donations, tools and other useful equipment for our IT-Administration!


Our IT-department is in great need of a proper office for daily work and a workshop for repairs and maintenance as well as a storeroom for equipment.

In addition the building will get 2 classrooms which will host computerlabs with 24 PCs each for our Vocational Training Institute and the Primary School.

We will move the existing Computerlab, which is currently located in the dormitories, into this building and equip a second class with computers. The need for a second computerlab is great since meanwhile all vocational courses include computer training and even the upper classes of Primary school started taking lessons.

As in the first computerlab opened in 2010, we will again construct computertables in our own carpentry workshop while the IT-department will do all necessary wiring and installations. We shall also purchase 30 new PCs including all equipment in order to raise the number of available computers in the labs to 24 student PCs plus 1 Teachers PC in each of the two classes.

Why new computers instead of donated used ones?

We want to buy new computers in order to simplify the administration for us, and the learning for the students. Identical computers easen the installing, maintenance and repair a lot, and even for the students it is much easier, if it is not important any more, which computer they sit at – for here in Uganda hardly anybody grows up with a computer, like in Europe or America.

Very often friends have given us their old computers, hoping they could help us. But the transportation and high customs duties make such presents very expensive for us and not seldom they are not even usable for us, because of their age, and are therefore thrown away after their long and expensive journey. This is another reason why we want to have new computers, that can be bought here on site.

As usual, we are very thankful for any financial support towards this project!



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