• Beatrice Aleko, Sponsorship Office

Ismael with ability to achieve his dream

Ismael (name changed) was born in August 2008. This child is disabled with no hands but can use his leg to write or hold a cup of water to drink. Ismael has a little brother who helps in washing clothes and also bathing him when they are both at school and back home.

These children stay with a single parent (mother) and sometime their grandmother because the father denied responsibility after realizing that Ismael had a disability.

The mother struggles to do casual labour so as to provide the basic needs at home.

When you talk to Ismael, he is interesting with the kind of things he wants to do in future because he likes playing football and would like to be a driver. Ismael likes studying and the little brother is always there to support him.

The amazing story is when he draws pictures using the leg like it is below.


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