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Vision Choir - Announcement of the Europe tour 2017

After exactly three years the time has come again! The Ugandan children's choir of Vision for Africa will enter a plane and leave thousands of kilometres behind to come to you, you Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. What they are going to do? Well, singing and dancing would be an understatement, for the Vision Choir is known for powerful african worship performances. The centre of all is Jesus Christ who will be praised with african drums and dances. At the same time the children's choir builds up a connection between the continents Europe and Africa, and unites the fascination each culture carries.

The children can hardly believe that it is true to soon get to know a new continent, a new world. In the same way you can be looking forward to them, to those sparkling eyes and a real joy they are having about their God, which will touch you deeply. The words of Jesus "Become like children,..." can get a total new meaning for your own life.

If you are interested to invite the choir to your church or another suitable place for a worship concert of the children, please contact our Vision Choir tour coordinator Josef Bitterwolf via the contact form. We are also looking for organizers that are ready to accommodate the children in their region and provide for food, as well as for people willing to coordinate the concerts in their surrounding (if possible the same person, otherwise another person in continuous exchange). It means a lot of work but you will be greatly rewarded: First, through the new contacts that you will during the preparations, and also through the children themselves. You will hardly want to let them go.

Key data: It is a group of 27 people in total (about 18 children and 9 adults) giving worship concerts from 2nd of April 2017 to 30th of June 2017 in central Europe (see above). Depending on the concert places the choir usually stays for 7-10 days in one accommodation, from where they drive to the concert places in the surrounding (max. 2 hours drive with the bus). For details please contact our tour coordinator.


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