• Alleyn Zalwango, Principal College

Award: Our Christian College wins award at exhibition as 2. Runner Up!

Our Vision for Africa international Christian college was invited to

participate in the 9th edition of the NCHE college and universities exhibitions from 9 March -11 March 2017. This was a good opportunity to network and share ideas with different stakeholders. While there the college exhibited beautiful culinary arts in pastry made by the students and the gourmet chefs of African village hotel. The printery showed a series of products that have been made by the department for a period of time something that left he attendees amazed with the quality of authenticity each print portrayed.

The college student body as selected to make various performances ( a poem and dance) for the guest of honor (the prime minister of the Buganda kingdom) as a way to show case emphasis for the days theme that was” nurturing youth for employability and wealth creation”.

The highlight for the entire event was when OUR VISION FOR AFRICA INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE was awarded as 2nd RUNNER UP!

We were awarded for providing the job market with good quality ethical employees and always training job creators. Being selected out of so many different colleges and universities was an extra amazing gift for us. The award was warmly received and appreciated by the entire team.

Special thanks go out to the administration and community of VFA, National Council For Higher Education, college students, teachers, parents, employers and above all the almighty God for his utmost guidance and sustainability of this college.

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