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Vision Choir Tour 2017 has begun

On Saturday time was ready for the 26 people of Vision Choir 2017 to enter a plane, leave Uganda and is fly over to Munich. There they arrived safely on Saturday afternoon. Already the next day which was yesterday, 2nd of April they had their first concerts in the south-german region Allgäu. The children and the team were very looking forward to seeing new as well as familiar faces, new experiencing new things, driving on good and clean roads, good food… Of course they also also anticipating to be able to share their joy with you about the God, whom they have personally experienced in their young lives.

For full three months the choir will be giving at least one concert everyday in different churches and assemblies, schools, kindergartens and event halls, to give praise to God our creator and to bring the love of God and the heart-warmth of Uganda to people in Europe.

Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland will be sung, drummed and danced at, and surely many closed doors of hearts will open up because of the childlike charming way of the 6-11 year olds and their real passion one can only get touched.

The theme of this tour is “We overcome with Jesus Christ” and pulls you through Patrick Bruni's great new compositions and old gospels into the feeling of music, Africa and the innocent childlike-love for God, which should be on our hearts and minds even after leaving the concert.

Check on visionchoir.visionforafrica-intl.org and don't let the opportunity to experience the Vision Choir pass! Maria Prean is due to many own dates and commitments not present at all concerts.

We wish the choir a blessed Europe tour 2017! God is with you!

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