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Discipleship Training for our students

The Discipleship Training 2017 was a success. We made the participants engage in many activities and workshops. Many students dedicated their lives to Christ and committed to serve God at all time.

In our training we have introduced student to different service assignments like cleaning our surrounding and peeling food so that we can instill a spirit of volunteering and providing free services to the people in the community.

We have also introduced to our students basic technical skills training in different department like Carpentry and joinery, Metal work and gardening. We hope that equipping students with this basic knowledge will empower them for the future and also have an idea about it. We are very happy that these students are appreciating these activities as shown below.

Metal work orientation Gardening work of applying compost Manure

They also played games and had worship evenings. It was a great time and we thank everyone who participated to make it a success.

Read the detailed report of the discipleship conference here

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