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News from our pottery

The Pottery in Vision for Africa Intl. has a new leader. Her name is Brigitte Scheven. She’s not a potter, yet has a loving heart for all the potters and the ceramics.

After 13 years, Carola Tengler finishes her time in Vision for Africa. 10 years ago, she has founded this pottery together with a team of experienced potters. It was her ​vision to create African Ceramics within Africa. Therefore they have developed techniques and have designed African ceramics in a modern, beautiful style.

Today there are 7 potteries with workshops in all over Uganda; all of them run by former students. A team from Berlin (Germany) even made this wonderful film about “African-Art-Ceramic” in Uganda – see below.

At the moment all potters are working hard on an order from England which is meant to be shipped soon. That encourages us so much.

You are warmly welcome to visit our Pottery workshop during working days from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Here you can watch the video "A hidden gem":

Watch the video on vimeo

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