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Photo albums for our children

A longterm-project which was on our and especially on Mama Maria's heart for a longer while, but was not implemented yet due to lack of time resources, has now got responsible people who are finally putting our great idea into practice.

The idea was to create photo albums for our children of the children homes, together with their own drawings, as memories of their childhood which they can take with them when they leave the Land of Hope. And because we, the children homes of Vision for Africa are the home and family of these children, this project can only come from our side, so the desire to start working on that long-term project has grown year by year in our hearts and minds.

Now the volunteer leaders Regina and Gerd Rumpf, together with their constantly between 20-30 volunteers have generously agreed to be responsible for the project. In cooperation with each other the volunteers will take photos of all children in each house while playing and having fun, school and doing homework, inside and outside over the whole year to get good impressions of their childhoods. The pictures will be collected and eventually sticked into the albums for each child. The pages will be lovely decorated and also drawings from the children themselves will find their space.

The photo project will be handed over from one volunteers generation to the next one, so that each child growing up in one of our homes gets a photo album of as much of their childhood as possible. This is the reason why the volunteers did not go for normal casual photo albums, but created a system that can be flexibly extended until the book gets too big. If this happens a second part can be added on. With a coloured hard-paper as front and back cover, as many sheets inside as needed, everything punched and tacked together into a beautiful album with a stable woollen string, the children will later as youth and adults be happy about this project of our volunteers!

We say Thank you to Mama Maria for this beautiful idea and very big Thanks to the creative heads of our volunteers department, who sacrifice their free times in evenings and on weekends to bless the children.

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