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Easter celebration with the School of the Blind in the new church in Kikondo

We bless the Lord at all times for He is good in season and out of Season. We celebrated the death and resurrection of our Redeemer Jesus Christ and yeah! it was a wonderful moment full praise and worship with brethren from Vision for Africa Kikondo, Mukono and some members from our Community in Kikondo. The School of the Blind organized an amazing concert on Easter Monday afternoon which also blessed our hearts.

God has blessed us with a wonderful community in Kikondo with the biggest number being Children. This is a great opportunity for us to impact the young generation through Christ' love. As Kings Glory Church, God is sending us out, to the community and unto the nations.(Matt 28:19-20). With a Full Gospel, we believe we shall touch Nations for the glory of the Lord. (Ssekajja Moses) New Living Hope Training Center of the Blind

On Easter Monday I joined Moses, Mama Edith and family for a celebration in the new church. For a week I have been looking for the perfect words to describe the event in the church. How can I describe a feeling in words? I guess I just feel it and write at the same time.

Moses and Mama Edith asked for God's blessing for the church and the community. That was only one very very touching and powerful moment. There were many such moments. I wanted to be there that day for only an hour. It was hot and we had already traveled for two days. I was tired. The performance was so great that after two hours, I had forgotten about being tired. I was inspired! God was there in HIS house for the show they put on. The dances were excellent, the singing heartfelt. The praises were powerful.

The growth and change in the whole school was a miracle itself during the past year. Students are not only learning life skills: they are sharing everything as a community and there is joy in the hearts of those attending. I can feel the presence of Mama Edith and Moses even when they are not present. They are excellent leaders!

A year ago I heard Tedi encouraging Moses to "make a go" of this school as best as he could. I have seen him work on a computer like a pro, singing and praying as a faithful man, digging with a hoe like a worker and stand by the side of his mother as a proud son. He has courage, initiative, leadership skills and humility. His mother is extraordinary and he learned well from her.

Maria Prean's vision and confidence in God's message, Tedi's guiding hand and God's goodness, love and blessings are present in a very special way as seen on Easter Monday in the new church. It was an Easter time I shall never forget.

The Easter Monday performance was not good, it was more so excellent. I have been to performances where the people did not perform as well. There was so much heart in everything from each and every individual who performed.

It was the "feeling of it all" that so touched me and causes me to smile as I finish sharing with you. I hope you can feel just a little of what I did.

There are many wonderful things to share about Vision for Africa, but the School of the Blind on Easter Monday was very very unusual in the scope of daily life.

Anne Prinzhorn

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