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Portuguese men's tailor teaching in our Fashion School

We have fancy news from the Vision for Africa Fashion School!

The following is an image-report on a certain "Jacket Training" by AYRES GONCALO - a highly professional bespoke men's tailor from Portugal who flew over to Uganda to teach our students how to make men’s jackets.

Here you can see a picture of the trainees that attended the "Jacket training":

Development stages on making a jacket

We started with taking measurements, and the following are the measurements we were taught to take:

  • Nape to waist

  • Waist to full length required

  • Half back

  • Chest

  • Waist

  • Seat

  • Shoulder

  • Sleeve length

Drafting a jacket resumed

Ayres illustrates how to draft a jacket:

Ayres drafting the back part of a jacket:

Showing trainees how to start drafting the front part from the back part:

Trainees paying great attention to Designer Ayres during the training:

Ayres clearly explains out to Charles Brown the youngest designer:

A well finished draft of a jacket:

NB: Indeed we learnt well how to draft a jacket without calculating a lot and it was such great step in our life.

A drafted pattern of a jacket:

The next stage was to place drafts on the fabric, cut and tuck pieces of the jacket:

Doing the first fitting without sleeves:

Preparing by cutting pieces of fabric to be put in the tailors cushion which is used for pressing a jacket during construction:

A finished tailors cushion ready to be used:

Preparing a lining for the front part of a jacket:

Ayres preparing the front part of a jacket:

Preparation of a collar for a jacket:

Joining pieces of a jacket together after tacking:

Pressing a jacket during construction:

Ayres showing us how to use a tailors cushion:

A well prepared front part of a jacket:

Ayres tacking the back part of a jacket:

Ayres guiding students how to join the back part with the front using tacks:

Fitting to check on the back part:

Checking on the front part balance:

Ayres demonstrating how a collar is joined onto a jacket:

Final fitting:

Final fitting with sleeves and collar waiting for just white tacked threads to be removed.


We achieved a lot of skills on how to make a jacket, right from:

  • Drafting

  • Laying patterns on a fabric

  • Cutting

  • Tacking

  • Machine sewing

  • Fitting

  • Pressing among others.

Future Plan

We are planning to start serious production of jackets from both African blends and western materials.

NB 1: Ayres assigned us in a group of three to make a jacket and send him pics by august.

2: On behalf of the entire group of trainees we are so grateful for the opportunity given to us by Madam Tedi and Sarah for sending us such a wonderful great designer, may God bless you with your most heart desires. You are such angels to the fashion department and we love you so much.

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