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S.4/S.6 Conference Report 2017 (15-20 May)

With great pleasure and honor, we would like to thank God for enabling us successfully finish this conference well. Surely the Lord has done it again! We had the privilege again to minister to the high school students; the S.4 & S.6 students. The students reported for the conference on Monday 15th and with the service of the committed camp staff, most of whom were our own Discipleship Training students of 2017.

We were able to serve faithfully the 324 students who came for the camp out of 386 students whom we expected and we are so grateful for being a part in the working of God in these lives. We trust that their lives will never remain the same. We believe that we have been part of either planting or watering and God will give the increase to the Glory of His own Name. 1. Corinthians 3:6.

The committed counselors, program team, the volunteer team, the choir, Pr. Ambale and the invited speaker, Pr. Kaganda Shadrach were used of God to cause transformation in the lives of these high school students.

Matthew 12:33 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit”.

Our theme in this conference still remained “By our fruit we shall be known” Matthew 12:33 and we are confident that we have sent out those who are going to bear much fruit to the glory of God in Heaven. 19 Students trusted in the saving power of Christ and 65 students re-dedicated their lives to Christ. We also had 43 campers baptized; we give the glory to God for the Ministry!

Like in the last week conference, our Biblically thoughtful program remained. We had morning Devotion which is purposed to help us begin the new day with the Lord, worship and Prayer which was purposed to prepare and bring all of us to the throne of our great God,

the Bible hour where we had different Teachers sharing from the word of God, Quiet time where every child was able to interact with the word of God and spent time with God on a personal level, the Group Discussions were with the help of their counselors, the children were guided to practically understand the Bible hour teachings and be able to apply them in their own lives, the different games and the sing and fun time which we purposed for socialization and fun during the week of the Conference, plus so much more, which were all purposed to draw our dear children to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

On Monday we had our own Pr. Ambale officiating the opening ceremony of this your S.4 /S.6 conference. He shared his message from the book of John 15 and he told the congregation that fruitfulness in a result of Christ’s life being reproduced in us. We ought to abide in Christ if we want to bear fruit. He also said, to abide in Christ means to love and live in obedience to God.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had Pr. Ambale speaking to us. He shared from Ephesians 5:15-18 and he emphasized that we should be filled with the Holy Spirit and by this we will see fruitfulness. He also gave the reference of Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The next day he shared from John 15 and he emphasized the fact that we are called to bear much fruit. He demonstrated this by bringing a basket with different fruits and he said we are not only called to bear a single fruit, but variety of fruits.

In the next two days; i.e. Thursday and Friday, we had Pr. Shadrach speaking to our children. He shared from Matthew 12:33 and he emphasized that we are the tree that ought to bear fruit. On Friday he completed his message by calling all of us to bear much fruit that all begins with a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He shared with us the Holy Communion and many were blessed by his ministry.

On Saturday 20th, we had our own Pr. Ambale closing the conference during our last service in the morning. He re-echoed the Love of God to the congregation and emphasized the fact that we are not only trees that must bear good fruit, but also we ought to be the light that will illuminate the world for Christ. Matthew 5:14-16. After the message, he then sent the students with great blessings and thanked the different parties which were involved in the different stages of the conference.

We as last week had the different games that we played; e.g. Bible Trivial, Board game, football & netball, the indoor games and the amazing water game where great tools for bringing the different heads together, both amongst the conference staff and the children themselves. We so much appreciate the word of God in all corners of life, and these include the games. 1. Timothy 4:8.

As a team, we greatly thank God for bringing the students and giving us strength to serve them with joy irrespective of the fatigue of the previous conference and with the help of the entire team led by our Director Mama Maria, Ps. Ambale and Mama Thereza, administration, our dear Choir, the music school, primary school, vocational institute, hotel, kitchen, security, the maintenance team, Francis -IT, sponsorship team, all the counselors and the different camp staff. We highly appreciate your priceless commitment towards this destiny changing experience; God will reward you all according to His riches in Glory. Amen

Great Blessings!

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