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  • Damaris Bruni, Public Relations

Solar system Clinic Tongolo set up & new incubator for premature births

Two good reports are to be announced from our Jehova Rapha Clinic II in Tongolo on the Prayer Mountain!

1. The dentist can eventually use his dentist's drill, because the clinic can now produce its own electricity! Yet not only the dentist but also many otheorries are now covered through the new solar power. Solar panels were installed and the battery system was set up, which should prevent any further electricity problems from now on. We are thrilled about this progress and the freedom and many further possibilities that come along.

2. Our delivery suite in the same Clinic Tongolo has got another functioning incubator for preterm neonates, too early delivered babies! So there are now three incubators in the birth section. And due to the new solar power those essential life-supporting and life-sustaining "machines" will hopefully not have to endure any for the tiny ones life threatening power fluctuations.

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