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This was the Vision Choir tour 2017!

With gratefulness we look back to the past 3 months of the Vision Choir Tour 2017!

It was definitely an amazing and blessed time for us all, we experienced and learned a lot, gave and received. We were richly blessed in every way on this tour, with many visitors whom we were allowed to reach, with good feedbacks, with loads of unbelievable love and warmth with which we had been constantly expected and received. Also financially God has poured out His blessing and we could not only close the tour positively but even bring a good contribution for the planned Secondary School in Uganda!

83 official concerts we had in those 90 days in our tour schedule. Added unto this there were many spontaneous and smaller concerts, church services where we were able to be part of, visitations in kindergartens and schools and some others more. It was exhausting - no question. But we were also richly rewarded and God has always cared for us for times of rest and relaxation and for new strength for each one of us:

At the playground, at coffee and cake tables, when swimming in the sea or in the pool, when baking in a bakery and cooking with a star chef, on the rollercoaster in the fun park, when playing mini golf, when discovering a castle, on a farm and on a horse equestrian farm, on our short trip to Denmark, on the turnable ladder of a fire brigade, when tasting honey at the beekeeper, on the watchtower, when making barbecue and baking stick bread on fire, at the sightseeing tour through Salzburg, at the snowball fight with real snow, when discovering a huge shopping centre and much, much more.

Around 15.000 km we have driven and God's hand was over us every moment. We had no accident and even when we had the incident with the clutch of the technique of our bus God has wonderfully watched over us and has taken us to all our destinations and back again, and He has managed for us that the bus was repaired until the next concert started!

At our hosts and organisers in the different regions we were received so wonderfully and warmly and greatly taken care of, that we do not even have words for it. At least two of the organisers have even taken a week off work for us to give us company and just be there for us! We were surrounded by love. Thank you all so much!

And then there was that 30kg heavy suitcase full of sweets which we got and collected during our tour... At the end it was divided among all and has therefor delighted children and dentists :) We hope that the first mentioned are going to share the sweets at home with their friends and that the last mentioned will not have so much work with it.

After a tiring packing day (it is not so easy to pack 48 suitcases...) we also received favour on Thursday at the airport when all suitcases (and partly they had some little overweight...) were smoothly checked in and everything worked out wonderfully.

Here we also sadly had to say goodbye to Teresa. This was not possible without tears from both sides. Teresa, we will miss you a lot! Thank you for your great job as translator, nobody else could have done it like you did! We wish you God's guidance when looking for the right place of study and we are looking forward to your visit in the next holidays!

On Friday early morning we finally arrived in Uganda and could start our way back home with all our 48 suitcases (Hallelujah!!!). 25 hours after our departure from Gößweinstein we arrived in Kiyunga and everybody can imagine that we first did nothing but sleep...

Certainly in course of this week there will be a closing final concert in Vision for Africa, so that also our friends here in Uganda can see what we did all the past 3 months!

For the future there are great plans - a new tour in 3 years? Concert tours through Uganda? A big Vision Choir here in Uganda? We are curious and excited what plans God has with us and we are looking forward to being a part of it!

Be richly blessed!



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