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General Discipleship Training report

The Discipleship Training 2017 began on 13th March 2017 and went for 3 months. 91 students were participating.

The main reason for the discipleship training is to equip students with the knowledge about the bible, scripture memory and caring out daily quiet time. During the training students learnt God’s word, did quiet time and daily devotion. They were also taught on how to give back to the community so different service assignments were introduced to students such as cleaning our surrounding and peeling food so that we can instill a spirit of volunteering and providing free services to the people in the community.

We also introduced students to basic technical skills training in different department like Metal work, gardening, computer training, craft making and liquid soap making to avail them with life skills for survival. We hope that equipping students with this basic knowledge will empower them for the future and also have an idea about it.


Source one: This session was handled by Mr. Joram Ocen and the purpose was to teach students the process of Biblical thinking. Ephesians 4:14 “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves …” This helped students have a biblical philosophy, biblical principal and purpose of doing things basing on the biblical view than people’s experiences and assumptions.

Community Evangelism: Students participated in community evangelism within Kiyunga community to fulfill the great commission as it is written in Mathew 28:19-20 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…….”

Games: The games played during the period were volley ball, Swimming, Tag Rugby, Basketball and jogging with an aim of enabling students learn team work, have discipline, self-control, bond together, relax their mind as well as developing their talents. Water game was also played with college and vocational students and it was such a good moment for them to interact.

Entertainment nights: Saturday nights were being utilized for educative movies like Brothers’ Keeper which is about forgiveness. Courageous; taught students to be responsible, able to stand challenges, protecting family and also developing integrity as part of resolution to set standards for future generation. Dances Heaven, discipleship students participated and enjoyed different western and traditional dances during the dance heaven. We also had a talent show which enabled us discover different talents and gifts from our students like acting, doing M.C. Work and imitation. It was so funny to see students imitating different staff members on how they speak, walk, and react to situation.

Bible Interpretation: This session was handled by VERITAS College, a team which enlightened students on how read the bible and interpret the message to others effectively according to time and audience.

The Encounter: This session was handled by the "Lead like Jesus" (L.L.J) team which specifically took us through leadership. The aim was to influence students to follow the Jesus’ mode of leadership (Servant hood) using the four domains of Lead like Jesus which include the Heart, hand, head and being habit.

Alpha course: This was instructed by Pastor Hannington Ambale and the topical issue was; Is Christianity boring? Unrealistic and Relevant? Who is Jesus, and why did He die. This has been handled in form of small group discussions with the manual guide that allowed students share what they had in mind.

Conferences: In between the training we had our annual conferences that are primary seven/ senior four-six where the discipleship students gave big hand. Many of them were counselors, some served on the program team while others were volunteers during the conference.

Graduation: The training was crowned by a graduation party, this was the 3rd discipleship training graduation and it took place on 9th/June/2017 at Vision for Africa swimming pool gardens. Vision for Africa staffs from different departments were invited and guest of honor was Dr, Rev, and Apostle John Mulinde who gave a wonderful sermon and participated in awarding certificates.

Testimonies: We heard different touching testimonies from students speaking on how the discipleship training has impacted their lives. We began with students of discipleship class 2015 and 2016, these were; Atumutuhaire Joan, Edwanya Gideon, Yiga Andrew and Asuman Kizito. Some of these testified how they reported to the training for the first time to fulfill an obligation from sponsorship department because they needed to secure their sponsorship. Later on during the course of the training, the Lord steadily changed their lives, attitude and their daily relationship with God till date. They were thankful to God that they attended the training. Many other participants gave testimony about the time during the training and how it influenced their lives.

By God’s grace the occasion ran smoothly with a good weather, good musical interlude from the choir, a nice meal and cake. Students were inspired and challenged by different speakers like Apostle John Mulinde, Pastor Ambale, Ms. Grace, Ms. Ramona and Mr. Ocen Joram.

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