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  • Damaris Bruni, Public Relations

Creative workshop: Baby dresses out of fabric remnants

An old common proverb says (translated from German): “The one who does not honor the Cent, is not worth the Euro” and this is true with everything. After a container load with many second hand goods and clothes arrives, we use to find some shabby pieces among beautiful items. It might be the easiest first thing to just dump them because they seem useless at first sight. However, we do not just throw away anything, especially if expensively and far transported: in our creative workshop called “clothing store” totally different and “new” pretty things are made by three ladies! Here you can see a series of baby dresses – you could never guess that they initially had a very different look and purpose, could you?! :)

#creativeworkshop #Clothingstore #Babydresses #fabricleftovers #fabricremnants

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