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New offer in our dental clinic

In the Jehova Rapha Clinic our professional dentist offers now as well the implantation of artificial teeth. Die offer is called "Improve your smile" and it is cheaper than in other cities around so that many of the affected people can get new teeth.





We are glad to inform you that you can improve your smile because denture services (artificial teeth) are now available at Jehova Rapha Clinic in Kiyunga, Mukono at affordable prices that you can’t find anywhere around town.

These services are provided by a fully trained professional Dental Technologist.

Due to loss of teeth, there is loss of confidence to smile freely in public (poor aesthetics), loss of cheek and lip position leading to facial deformation, loss of masticatory (eating) functions, loss of occlusal dimension and poor speech.

To restore these, the remedy lies in dentures commonly known as artificial teeth.

This is the patient’s condition who was recently worked on, before and after the making of dentures, take a step, come and get the best denture services provided by the best.

Before Dentures After Dentures

For more information you can contact the specialist Mukisa Cyrus on phone numbers 0752050635/0783846035, or alternatively through E-mail: cmukisa3@gmail.com


The "advert" is shown below:

We are hoping to get many more beautiful smiles and healthy teeth regulations in the near future!!

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