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Good news from Karamoja

While the dusty paths and compounds in and around the Richard Prean Nursery school and the Headquarter are being plastered with stones (img. 1-4), the vivid children run around and have fun with a "water challenge" game (img. 5-7). Already two volunteers are there with the first children of our Nursery school (img. 7) and also our sent headmaster Robert is in the midst of Karamojong school children and happy about the progress that is visible and tangible everywhere. From up on the water tower one can now enjoy a wonderful panorama view which was already discovered by one or the other (img. 15).

God truly works miracles! It is beautiful to see how the children are wonderfully developing. They look well-nurished and healthy already now, just a few weeks after having them in our programme and kindergarten! The to the outside seemingly "little" medical treatments of worms, parasites and such kind, in combination with regular meals and a healthy body hygiene gives our Karamojong children a glorious look! We are happy and thankful for everything good which we can report from Karamoja and we will keep you updated.

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