• Karsten Schulz, ProUganda

News from the prosthesis workshop

The new prosthesis workshop on our VfA land is again working hard! Read and look what has happened and what is currently happening in text and pictures:

Dear interested friends of PRO Uganda,

​also this summer a "Come & Work" team for PRO Uganda has made their way to Africa to support the workshop in Uganda.

The group consisting of six motivated helpers, among them orthopaedic technicians and a doctors couple, started their journey on 29th June 2017 from the airport in Frankfurt, Germany to Entebbe in Uganda.

There, the team received the nine patients and two other German orthopaedic technicians, who were also in charge of the organisational work for the workshop besides the patients, as well as one physiotherapist from Austria.

Right in the first week the work with the patients and the manufacturing of the prosthesis began. Karsten Schul and Aaron Bremer were in charge of the last details for the building and to the joy of all, the fully packed container with orthopaedic means of help, machines and workshop equipment, that was sent from Germany was delivered and placed next to the workshop.

At the same time we worked on the finishing of the prosthesis, so that at the end of the second week a little "fitting event" with invited guests and local orthopaedic technicians of our cooperation partner St. Josef could take place.

Among the patients Steven Egessa was provided with his prosthesis. With an around 6 hours long journey he travelled from the far east of Uganda to the workshop to get his prosthesis. A lower leg-prosthesis enabled him to stand and walk on both legs for the first time since 3 years. He can now work again independently in his painters workshop and provide for his family.

This is only one story out of many which the work of PRO Uganda writes here in Uganda. So we are joyfully and confidently looking in the future until we will have the official opening and inauguration of the orthopaedic workshop in October 2017 and the work will then be continued in the new rooms.

More information, pictures and short clips will soon be on our homepage (www.prouganda.de - German).

We greet you warmly from the whole PRO Uganda team,

Karsten Schulz

(Translated from German)

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