• Beatrice Aleko, Sponsorship Office | Damaris Bruni

Life with disability - Amazing Stories of some of our sponsored children

We have two children in our sponsorship program with disability and amazingly they do interesting things.

The first one (left side) seated here with his little brother, had a good time telling us what he would like to become in the future. The young boy was born with a disability without hands although he has two fingers that can hold something, for example if you give him something to eat. He told us, his interest is to become a driver after his studies and his brother wants to become a business man.

Edward (name changed) is able to feed himself using his feet to hold a cup or plate. He likes playing football and his little brother is always at hand to help him, like for washing his laundry.

However, this boy is a true hero of daily life, a clever and creative fighter for survival who still has a great future ahead of him.


Second story: Here you can see Mary (name changed), a girl that is studying in P.7 at Kampala school for the physically handicapped. She was involved in a severe accident with her parents and some family members. They all survived death but were injured, her father is paralysed since then.

However, Mary is hard-working and likes studying, so she uses an artificial hand that enables her to write (as reflected in the pictures)!

Her teachers said that she is a very active girl, both in class and out of class when playing with the other children.

What amazingly fit and striving young personalities we have in our programme! We are blessed to go with them through a few years in their lives. Surely we "healthy ones" can learn a lot from these little fighters and turn again thankful to the Lord for each body part that works so wonderfully - which is by the way a gift and not for granted!

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