• Beatrice Aleko, Sponsorship Office

Social visits of children of our sponsorship programme

A report in images:

On a regular basis we - the sponsorship team of Vision for Africa - visit all children in our programme in the different regions in Uganda, to find out how they are developing and performing, in school as well as in their home villages. We do school visits and also check the home villages.

We are always documenting everything in detail and later if necessary we will see which actions are to be taken for a better development.

These pictures were taken at our Social visit in Bugiri.

Here we have been in other regions, like Tongolo & Western Regions at Social visits.

The following activities were carried out in the Moyo and Adjumani areas in the West Nile region:

We also had meetings and talks with the parents at these places.

We also visited a home, were we found the mother of the child sick and bedridden.

When we visit schools we take time and do simple games with the children as well which they always enjoy very much.

Some situations were not as we expect them to be or even shocking, other developments were really well and positive. We will assess our reports and try to take the necessary actions to improve on the situations.

It is unimaginable in which situations these children would be if they were not in the VfA sponsorship programme. Also at this point we dearly thank all the sponsors that make it possible for these children through money, prayer and love to get a solid school education and with it the hope of a better future, as well as the certainty and comfort to know that there is somebody caring for them - you are their personal angels. :) God bless you!

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