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The first day of our Karamoja children in Vision for Africa

It was a full and exciting day! Children came in crowds early morning to the VfA gate, to get registered and be welcomed, but many curious bystanders were also there, watching:

The future nursery school children of the Richard Prean Nursery School were welcomed and received some information and a brief structure of the day that was ahead of them:

Still in their original state, dirty and hungry, which would soon change...

And there we go, first to the waiting line of Station 1: A good full-body wash :)

Which looks the following (done by our two volunteers in Karamoja)

Fresh and clean they first get wrapped in a towel... (Mhm how nice that feels!!)

This was the first freshly showered towel-group, comfortably clean and jolly:

How changed they look, without any dirt and dust!

Station 2: Time for food! For this the hands must be cleaned first of all, as it is a rule here...

On the the day's menu we had: Posho with beans.

Mhmm how fast this filled the hungry and empty stomachs...

Station 3: Clean and satisfied we moved on to something else which is essential: Clothes! Every child got a set of new clothes, which they should take better care of than ever before from now on - because with the fresh water we have up here their clothes finally can and have to be washed. :)

Again a great change!

Station 4: The uncomfortable, yes even painful part followed after the great gifts: The removing of the "Jiggars" (parasites that go under the skin and cause terrible pain) in feet and hands, which the children had to go through bravely, in order to be able to walk again pain-free!

Station 5: Finally this tough procedure was done, as a little reward and to end the long introduction day, they all got yummy hot milk tea:

This was the first official day for our nursery school children in the new Vision for Africa Richard Prean Nursery School in Karamoja, Moroto! Much has happenend for the little Karamojongs! From now on it means for them, to daily wash themselves and their clothes, getting food on a regular basis and walking painfree (as soon as the wounds are completely healed), a new feeling for them all! So that the school lessons may begin... :)

God does miracles! - Who would have thought that these children in the high North of Uganda, who are even originating from King Solomon and Queen Sheba, would one time be taken care of by Vision for Africa, to shine in their natural beauty that God has given them, and that through education and hygiene they would get serious hope for a better, glorious future!? It makes us ourselves speechless and fills us with gratefulness to be allowed to do this work on the poorest of the poor!

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