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Inauguration of King's Glory Church and girl's dormitory in Kikondo

The inauguration of the church and girl's dormitory in Kikondo on Sunday was a great event with many people and a fantastic ambience. It was also a manifestation of cooperation of all the departments in our ministry as a family with the same spirit. Everybody worked together in such harmony and it was such a blessing to all that attended.

Mama Maria Prean writes:

"Thank you sooooo much for your great cooperation and for your love and investment for the glory of God, the blessings of so many people and I trust the Joy in your hearts was also richly flowing!!! The joy was definitely flowing in my heart with much thanksgiving! I think the hearts of the donors, Mr. Mosset and his family would have been blessed to be with us this day in person, but they sure were with us in the spirit."

Not only Mama Maria but also the many guests and guests of honor, among them also the LRDC of Kikondo, the architect, bishop and other LCs and school director's of the region, were fully blessed by building and inaugurating of the new buildings, which mean a big upgrading for the whole region.