• Moses Ssekajja, Head of the School for the blind

Gospel outreach in Kikondo

We are so grateful to God for having given us the grace to be able to reach out to our community with the Gospel. On September 24th, 2017 King's Glory Church was inaugurated. So this is our first time to have a Gospel outreach. Kikondo is mostly moslem community with many young people and children. However, the devil has bound and afflicted many of our people with witchcraft. Because Jesus is the solution to all this, we felt the call to reach out and let them know about Jesus through a Gospel Crusade. The theme was in the bible, Matthew 3:2. We started with a two days leaders seminar at King's Glory church under the theme : "The power of Unity in building Gods Kingdom". In this seminar, we emphasised the importance of standing and working in unity to accelerate the growth of Gods kingdom and reap much harvest for the Lord. At least 50 leaders and pastors turned up for this seminar. We were also able to offer them Lunch for the two days. We then proceeded with the Gospel Crusade in the center of Kikondo which took four days (26th-29th) October.

On the first day we experienced some rain interruptions but God is good because we had a cool evening after the rain. Two people gave their lives to Jesus. We thank God for the sound because we didn't experience any problems with it. The community was receptive and we had an audience of approximately 300 people every day.

The glory of God was manifested through the ministry of the school of the Blind, as they took the stage and led us in praise which blessed the hearts of the people of Kikondo. The blind became our main point of attraction for the people to attend the crusade.

We were also blessed with lots of music from our children "King's Kids" and several ministers from Kampala and Jinja who came and ministered in this Crusade. Around twenty people confessed and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Five of them attended service at King's Glory Church on Sunday. It was great celebration and joy as we welcomed them.

Dear ones, over 300 people were able to hear this Gospel. God touched lives of many through music, testimonies and the word. This was crusade was the first of its kind in Kikondo. The Glory of God was manifested. We prayed for the people and prophesied over our Land and we believe God is changing Kikondo and taking it over for Himself. For His kingdom will have no end (Luke 1:33).

We thank you all who prayed for us. Please continue to pray for us. And for every one that has supported this cause, may God bless you. Special thanks to the Apostle of this Ministry, our dear Mama Maria for praying and always supporting us.

God richly bless you. Moses Ssekajja Pastor King's Glory Church Kikondo

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