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Update to building project: Round huts in Karamoja

The building progress of the round huts in Karamoja (for the old and lonely people) is fully in action, our builder Apollo and the team are busy working. The builders were divided in five groups, each group works on five houses. Josef Bitterwolf, leader of the VfA ministry in Karamoja, calculated how is has to be measured and Apollo planned to start with 15 houses.

The first five houses are done with the foundation and slab. The next five are in the foundation digging process. Apollo and his team will are on Christmas holidays from 22nd until 27th of December and soon the first houses will have the walls finished. Thereafter, doors, windows, grass roof and the electricity are still missing. In the end of January the first houses will already be far in the process, about to be finished!

Watch the update in pictures:

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