• Victor Omondi, Anne Prinzhorn

Technology in Education Project (SMILE PROJECT)

The project started with 40 tablets and a Smile Plug; a portable server with a lot of educational information and books that can be accessed using tablet computers once the smile plug is powered on.

The overall goal is to educate children in a practical and fun way. Tablet computers that run Android apps are used to achieve this. Various educational games are installed on the tablets.

Smile plug and one of the tablets


  1. Math skills – the aim here is to help the children learn mathematical tables, mental additions and division in a fun way. Working with numbers mentally and a departure from a negative attitude towards Math is the desired end result.

  2. Instill a reading culture – various electronic books are installed on the tablets

  3. Inspire children to question and research for answers In science etc

  4. The Robotics programme is new and its aim is to expose the children to engineering concepts, computer programming, team work and creativity. Children are inspired to pursue exciting careers in Engineering and Computers in the future

  5. Expose the children to technology

Currently, the children that benefit from the project are the nursery school and P1 to P3. The rest of the classes, that is, from P4 to P6 learn computer skills. The total number of hours per week within which the children learn using the equipment is 28 hours.

Children using tablets to learn Math tables


  • First, tablets give the children access to a wide variety of interactive applications that often take a different approach to learning. This different approach has made learning easier for some children.

  • Most children have learned Math tables and their ability to work with numbers has been enhanced.

  • Some teachers at the primary school have saved their lesson notes on the tablets. They no longer have to write notes on the black board as it used to be previous to the tablet era. They therefore are able to finish their syllabus in time since they save a lot of time

  • Children have been introduced to modern technology by this project. We are living in an information age and so our children are privileged to have a head start in modern technology, thanks to our donors.


This is our newest program. The goal is to inspire children to engage in fun, hands-on learning while pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) approach to learning. They learn to build different kinds of robots and then program them to perform actions that they desire. Principles of programming, physical science, engineering and mathematics are acquired by the students as they engage in robotics.

Currently we have one EV3 LEGO robot and for this reason we can only accommodate 4 students. We have 2 boys and 2 girls who can already build robots and do some elementary programming.

Robotics class in session


  • We hope to have more Robots so that we can increase the number of children in Robotics. We are looking forward to engage in Robotics competition in the near future with international schools in Kampala.

  • Expand the program to include Karamoja and Mt. Galilee

  • We look forward to introduce computer programming in the future.

  • Organize Math competitions between VFA Kiyunga and Kikondo.

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