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Plan for secondary school

Dear ones, this is the master plan for the secondary school in Nakifuma for 2.000 secondary students! Please pray with us! We still need a few million euros until it is finished.

With the help of dear friends from Switzerland we were able to acquire another 26 hectares of land for agriculture. My son Patrick found this wonderful agrar land which is only 3km from the school. The whole land will now get a fence around! We want to start with it this week.

This secondary school is so far our biggest project! The buildings are all 3 stories high!

We already found the best director for the school, he is now a successful director of another secondary school. And he will also look for us for the best teachers!

It is going on wonderfully and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ, our "boss" for His guidance and provision!

We have it on our heart to start and inaugurate the school in February 2019 (to my 80. birthday) for at least half of the goal, for 1.000 students!

With dearest blessings and thanks, Maria with family and team

The building site with a spectacular cloud image, shortly before the heavy rain started!

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