• Gideon Mwesigwa

Discipleship training report 2018 Part I

The 3-months training started on 13th of March 2018 with a one week orientation. We took the disciples through the chapter summaries, quiet time reading and service assignment activities. Not like other trainings this training is aimed much more to impact the spiritual life of our students and introducing them to voluntary work.

Week 1

This week we had Pastor Moses Odong who introduced us to the first topic “THE REALITY OF PARADISE/ HEAVEN AND HELL”

Week 2

This week as all about "INTERPRETING SCRIPTURE" and Pastor Philipp led us trough the week.

We learnt about the context and the application. - What is meant to the original audience, the difference between them and us and the theological themes; how it would apply to the believer today; the Historical and Cultural Context; the Literal context; and finally the Application.

He went on talking about SIGNS AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE.

Week 3

This week we were taught about “OVERCOMING THE PRINCIPALITY OF BITTERNESS” by Pastor Moses Odong, according to the scripture Hebrews 12:15.

At the end of this week Pr. Odong went with us through the theme of “UNDERSTANDING TRUE FORGIVENESS”.

The discipleship training goes for 3 months, it is currently in the second month, more updates will follow. It is a very intense and wonderful study program and our discipleship students are very committed, so we hope and pray for them for a great impact on their spiritual lives.

You can read the fully detailed report here.


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